Zero wait for more skiing

The ultimate skip-the-line experience for a no-wait experience from €9

Don't let queues ruin your day. Choose &joy and enjoy an unparalleled ski experience!

Simplicity & humility

&joy’s only wish is to allow its owners to always better enjoy their moments of life in the heart of the mountains. In contrast to the red carpet, &joy's sole ambition is to offer ever more freedom by offering its owners additional ease in enjoying the ski area. Whether you are a “crazy person” about the difference in altitude or a fan of relaxing skiing in search of the most beautiful landscapes, &joy will offer you, with nearly 20 equipped ski lifts, an ever more fluid and easier experience of the ski area.

For everyone..

This season we are excited to offer you the opportunity to add &joy to our skipasses from 1 to 15 days.

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Available to everyone!

    1 jour9€
    6 jours et +49€

    • Enjoy Skip the Line is a service that allows skiers to avoid queues at the ski lifts in the ski resort.

    • It provides a smoother skiing experience and maximizes time spent on the slopes.

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    Recognition & sharing

    When you discover an enchanting place, an unforgettable viewpoint, a breathtaking hike, a trail off the beaten track, even if you dream of taking your childhood friends, your best colleagues, your family, it It's the one you love who you give the chance, before everyone else, to experience this unique moment!

    Some have been skiing here since they were little, others fell in love late in life, still others benefited from the wise advice of a faithful friend... Whoever they are, they have the eagle engraved on their tips and for nothing in the world, no, nothing in the world, would miss a day at the gates of the Ecrins. For this loyalty they have for our territory, for this kindness that they show to our teams every day, for this passion that they pass on to their loved ones, we have chosen to say thank you!