A break on the summits

Having lunch or a picnic in a magnificent mountain landscape, close to the summits, is a delight and a rare privilege!

Picnic areas

Time has come to treat your taste buds and to please your eyes. For your comfort, the Altitude Area proposes picnic areas, with panoramic view

Briançon : Pra Long and Croix de la Nore*
Chantemerle : Ratier, Trois Croix, Bois des Coqs, Sentier du Lutin and Grand Alpes*
Monêtier : at the bottom and at the top of the Bachas chairlift and near the "Crête des Lauzières" trail.

* And,
if this summer, you cooked at an altitude of more than 2,000 m?
Enjoy the
plancha (Croix de la Nore and Grand Alpes) for your grilled lunch break from July 1st 2023 from 12 pm to 2:30 pm* and share a gourmet barbecue with your family and friends!
How to get to the Grand Alpes picnic area:
- Departure: Ratier gondola, Serre Chevalier cable car, Les Trois Croix pedestrian route (no. 25 on the map)

- Return: Grand Serre chairlift, Serre Chevalier cable car and Ratier gondola.

Our advice: combine lunch break and exploration of the Serre Chevalier area during nice walks and hikes or on mountain bike routes. You will enjoy the best of it!