The small mountaineers have their own space on the Serre Chevalier area!

The Marmot Camp is the children's paradise. The best place to have fun, swing, fly, climb...
Wooden games, zipline, balance games, hut with climbing wall: a wonderful world awaits them at the top of the Ratier gondola. You will like to hear their happy laughs!

Léo, 7 years old, :"The Marmot camp is so great! What I prefer is the zipline because I like to fly and I feel like going very, very fast... Moreover, I met a lot of new friends there."

But why is it called the Marmot Camp? Because, from there, you can observe those pretty little animals, typical of the alpine fauna. Long views are available to find them and watch them running on the Serre Chevalier Altitude Area.

Practical information

The Marmot Camp is reached by taking the Ratier gondola, which departs from Chantemerle. A single section takes you directly to Serre Ratier, where the park, specially designed for young mountain dwellers, is nestled below.

Open every day - 9.30am > 5pm