Choose the style of your snowshoe hike

- Contemplative to observe and recharge your batteries
- Sportive to be physically active

- Fun to share a nice moment with friends and family

Let yourself be carried by the rhythm of your steps, pay attention to the snow that crunches under your snowshoes and listen to the silence (yes, you can hear the silence, this is an incredible sensory experience). Watch carefully: you might see a mountain hare, a chamois... or a chapel under the snow.

Itineraries in altitude on the Serre Chevalier ski area

  • Briançon area - Boucle du Col du Prorel

  • Briançon area - Boucle de Notre Dame des Neiges

  • Briançon area - Boucle de Pra Long

  • Serre Chevalier Briançon crossing > Chantemerle

  • Serre Chevalier Chantemerle crossing > Briançon

  • Chantemerle area - Les Eduits de Chantemerle

  • Chantemerle area - Le Sentier des Lutins

  • Villeneuve area - Boucle des Rochers

  • Monêtier area - Crête des Lauzières