New Pontillas Gondola:

A Leap Forward Towards the Future!

Modernization, Comfort, and Sustainability at the Heart of the Experience

The Serre Chevalier resort takes an important step in its commitment to the comfort and unforgettable experience of its visitors. The brand new Pontillas Gondola, which extends over 3.6 km of pure pleasure, connects Villeneuve-La Salle to Méa in a record time of eight minutes.

The Highlights of the Pontillas Gondola

  • Strategic Replacement: Two old, obsolete devices, dating from 1984 and 1948, make way for this technological marvel, providing a smoother and faster transportation experience.

  • Increased Capacity: Transport 2800 people/hour with one aircraft, compared to 2350 with two, for uninterrupted pleasure.

  • Altitude and Comfort: Arrival station at an altitude of 2,255 meters, on the Méa plateau, close to two existing ski lifts. Development of a 1.9 ha beginners area near the arrival station.

  • All Season: Will work in summer and winter to meet all your mountain desires.

From its design, reduced impacts for the territory

Snow at low altitude
By freeing ourselves from the need to guarantee snow cover at low altitude for the beginner sector.
Return on skis
By eliminating the need to return on skis until the end of the season, the new device can act as an urban elevator.
Natural extension
A natural extension of the estate's trajectory which has notably reduced its artificial snow production by 20% in 2 years.

A Step Towards a Green Future

An investment of €25 million which reduces the estate's carbon footprint and adapts to global warming. This new gondola consumes less energy, while providing higher access and the creation of a snow front at altitude.

This development of a snow front at altitude is part of a real plan to adapt to climate change. In fact, it reduces the use of artificial snow, particularly at the start and end of the season:

3,430 hectares of reforestation:
Renovated Departure Station:
Fewer Pylons, More Nature:

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We believe in a responsible mountain future, where every gesture counts.